GIBS Intranet site

Starting this morning with developers (Britehouse), this is what the Intranet site will look like….on SharePoint Online Office365



It's going to be FUN again!!!

It’s going to be FUN again!!!


Office 365

Picking up where I left off… less distractions now with ADFS (client decided not to use it)………Yipeeeeeeee.

Simple Plan created via XMind7

Simple Plan created via XMind7

Team Building -today!!

WOW, WOW…. The IT department had a Team Building event today @ AcroBranch…. After strapping up and ready to go….I asked the guide how long this obstacle course will be – he answered… 2hrs.

Child’s play, I thought……. It was Hectic, will wait for pictures and Post… I can’t move my arms and legs… I finished the course though.

Go Derrick, GO>>>>>


I’ve been soooooo busy….

had a great eye opener last week with ADFS. I had to implement ADFS SSO for Office 365 and let me tell you now!!!! It does not work as expected.

  1. works with Lynconline
  2. sharepoint online
  3. exchange online – outlook web app

Does not work with Outlook…. It will prompt you for username and password, even if you tick “Remember Password”.

Let’s not talk about the complexities – on-premise…you need at least 5 servers

2 x ADFS back-end servers

2 x ADFS Proxy servers (not domain joined and in DMZ)

1 x NLB server

This is normal setup for Fault Tolerance – if ADFS goes down, no access to Office365 Portal, especially MAIL…..ProxyADFS